Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Reason to Smile // Day 2

So, blood tests suck. Big Time. What doesn't suck... This little fella grinning from ear to ear. Best distraction ever!

Monday, 17 June 2013

A Reason to Smile Day 1

A big change in blog content. I have 2 stunning boys, so 2 huge reasons to smile. So Im sharing my reason to smile each day and maybe they'll help others smile too. Just sharing the love x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Shall we begin again?

Time flies when you're having fun...

 Approx 14 weeks

Approx 22weeks

...Or rather time seems to have run away from me a lot recently. Working, school runs, family visits, friends and everyday life are a lot to fit in each week without adding pregnancy to the mix! Id like to say I have had it easy but that would be a slight porkie! 

So here I am, now 23+5 and ready to start again. I seem to have gained a few hours a day when I have little to do. This is because work wise I no longer attend visits due to certain risk factors and I do everything via the phone. Makes life that little bit easier and frees up a little time.

I thought Id start by updating you all on my pregnancy, give you a few details, add a few pictures. The sort of things Id like to know when reading a blog. Now with friends/family I dont tend to speak a lot about pregnancy. Obviouslt there are those you dont wish to bore and those you dont want to upset and quite frankly Im sure no one (other than those also pregnant) wants to hear me harp on about all things baby. So if there is anything I miss that you feel important - let me know! Its not that I dont want you to know, its Simply a case of I dont know what to include!

How far along? 23+5 

Total weight gain/measurements:  So far I have gained approx 8lb. Im not going to go into what I weigh exactly, I dont think its healthy to compare your own weight to anothers. needless to say I use this weight gain tool and I am currently on track with a healthy gain :-)

Maternity clothes: I have 2 tops from New Look, one a simple vest top and the other a long line top to wear with leggings. Otherwise I am still in my prepregnancy clothes. Waistbands have been extended with the use of a hairband and I use a support band to cover where the fly is undone so no one need know.

Stretch marks? None so far

Sleep: Im getting enough sleep but I wouldnt say Im waking feeling refreshed with my energy replenished. Sucks slightly but at least I can sleep!

Best moment this week: Misters baby cuddles. He is so attached to baby already, I have to fight back tears at school when I get a cuddle and kiss and he does the same to my bump... sniff!

Miss anything? Oh my goodness - steak!! Rare and positively red in the centre. Mmmmmm 

Movement: I have been feeling movement since 14wks. They say you tend to feel earlier with your second. Baby is very active last thing at night and still VERY low down. My bladder is clearly an awesome bouncy castle too...

Food cravings: I wouldnt say I have had many cravings but I do go through phases of eating the same thing for lunch/snack for a week and then not wanting it again!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Heartburn. Mainly caused by bread and milk of all things! Both of them I regret for hours after.

Gender: Still a secret!

Labour signs: None.

Symptoms: Just the heartburn. Oh and back ache!!

Belly button in or out? Still in.

Mood: Normal really. I wouldnt say Im overly hormonal/happy/sad just normal 

Looking forward to: At this very moment in time all I can think of are the cuddles!

These are 2 of my most recent bump shots. Sadly taken on my iPhone which is poo camera wise. I dont think I seem to be growing too much. My cousin is 3 weeks behind me and she has such an adorable bump. I am suffering with bump envy, for sure!

With Mister I missed out on a bump. I carried very small throughout which led to a rushed delivery as my fundal height was measuring 8 weeks smaller than I actually was at the time I went into labour.



Two of my favourite buys so far are:

Dear Zoo Outfit
TU @ Sainsburys £8.50

I adored Dear Zoo as a child and passed that love onto Mister who has the book. He also has a TU pj set in Dear Zoo and I brought him a new pj set which I should have photoed but have already wrapped away for Xmas.

101 Dalmatian Fleece Blanket
George @ Asda £8

I just couldn't resist this when I saw it!

My beloved Tash shoes
Primark £8

And just a couple of little life updates...

Unfortunately I was admitted to the antenatal ward for about a week last month. I wont go into detail (as I dont like to dwell) but there were no problems with baby, just all me! Took a few days to get sorted but all seems to be ok now thankfully!

My little Mister started school! He's so grown up now and learning so quickly I can barely keep up!

I had my hair dyed darker! For the first time in a long time my hair looks healthy. I dont think my hair likes lighter colours which isnt a problem as I dont think I'll be attempting so much colour change with a new baby on the way. Staying closer to my roots (pun intended!) should stop the need for constant retouching.

Anyway, I'll leave it there for now!



Tuesday, 11 September 2012

MIA - an apology...

So... I went a little AWOL to which all I can do is say a huge sorry. At this current time I'm blogging via iPhone due to needing a replacement router following Virgins kind offering of doubled broadband speed. However, that is no excuse...

This on the otherhand is! Yes, I have spent the last couple of months extremely unwell but for the most positive of reasons. The boy (ok, man but that's a temporary upgrading for such an occasion) and I are expecting!! I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and ever so slightly excited!

So today marks a new start, a new addition to the family and to the blog it would seem. I suspect babies are quite a novel read, I myself know all too well that when I come across a blog and I see the slightest hint of pregnancy or babies I'm all over it like a rash! In a non stalkerish kinda way of course 

Now I will continue with the same post as previous but will add in a weekly update. Just updating you all on the joys of pregnancy and the not so joyous symptoms, how I'm feeling, any scan photos/appt updates, products relating to pregnancy I have begun to use and quite possibly a bump picture or two.

So just a few quick stats for now )and do let me know if there's anything you want to know):

Due date: 10/03/2012

Which makes me 14 + 2

As of yet there is only the smallest hint of "growth", however I'd say that's more bloating from the ridiculous amounts of water I have been consuming!

Symptoms: nausea - was sickness but I got so unwell I have been prescribed antiemetics to help. Heartburn/indigestion - oh my goodness the pain!
Otherwise a small amount of backache and tiredness bur nothing to write home about.

Being that it's still relatively early days there's not much more to report for now.



Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jolie Box || June

Im not particularly feeling Jolie Box Im afraid guys - Im not sure its the ideal box for me. I wouldnt use anything in this months box and looking back at previous months, theres little I would have benefited from. So I wont be reviewing today, just sharing what I got and then sharing all the samples out into the Xmas boxes for friends.

No hard feelings JB, Im a difficult woman to please :)